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Modern Courses

Modern Courses & Apps

Our team of multimedia and education specialists finds the most engaging ways to deliver knowledge and build skills. We draw on state of the art technologies and education techniques to craft a deeply satisfying learning experience.

Enlightened CME

Enlightened CME

We track the latest standards for medical care from professional associations and government bodies. We also read and digest the latest medical research. We bring this all together to provide doctors with the most essential information and best practices – all in a convenient app or website.

Serious Games

Serious Games

We're working on a virtual reality game, a tablet game for pain management, and minigames to integrate into our courses. We're excited!

Partnerships and Research

Partnerships and Research

We love user feedback, and we draw on it to constantly improve. Some practitioners take that conversation to the next level by partnering with us to exchange medical expertise and learning expertiences. Learn about becoming a CTI Partner.

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Opioid Abuse

Opioid Abuse

100 people die from drug overdoses every day in the U.S. We provide ER/LA opioid prescription training to prevent patient misuse.

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Substance Use

Substance Use

Alcohol and tobacco addiction can be stopped. Prescription drug abuse is preventable. Get the clinical skills training you need to help.

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2.8 million people each year die as a result of being overweight or obese. We are developing a course on treating adult obesity.

Impact Obesity



A DEA waiver is required to prescribe buprenorphine. We provide certified training that allows doctors to safely prescribe this powerful drug.

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We love our users

Here is a sampling of comments from users of our courses and games.

  • Great, precise, efficient program. Would recommend to all professionals thinking about treating opioid addiction.

    – Buppractice User (Primary Care Physician)

  • This is a valuable program to improve safety and skills in prescribing opiates. It’s everything I wasn’t taught in med school.

    – OpioidRisk User

  • This is one of the most well-structured on-line CME courses I have encountered. It also helps improve identification of “root causes” for various medical problems

    – SBIRT Training User

  • Evidence-based therapy using novel technology…This fun, low-stress game [Take Control for Kinect] will empower players to take control over their substance use.

    – American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) Magazine

  • EXCELLENT.COMPREHENSIVE. Logical approach. Top notch relevant references for each module.

    – Buppractice User (Psychiatrist)

  • This course took me straight to the ability and confidence to treat opioid dependence patients. Highly recommended.

    – Buppractice User (Surgeon)

  • Excellent CME and learning experience from the comfort of your home/office.

    – OpioidRisk User

  • The recommended strategies of communicating screening results and application of brief interventional goals is outstanding. SBIRT should be done by all primary care doctors.

    – SBIRT Training User

Our Leadership

Brad Tanner, MD

Brad Tanner, MD President

Dr. Tanner is a Psychiatrist and President of Clinical Tools. At Clinical Tools, he is responsible for technological and curriculum development, evaluative research, and marketing of products. His goal is to integrate technology into health care to enhance best practices and improve health outcomes.

He lives in Chapel Hill, NC with his wife and 3 active children aged 9, 12 and 15. Dr. Tanner is an avid Utah skier and frequently visits Snowbird and Alta. He also enjoys running, commuting to Clinical Tools via bicycle, windsurfing, traveling with family, and cooking healthy meals.

Project Management
Clinical Expertise
Mary P. Metcalf, PhD, MPH

Mary P. Metcalf, PhD, MPH Vice President

Dr. Metcalf brings her diverse background to Clinical Tools’ project by concentrating on adult learning, and qualitative and quantitative assessment. She served as Principal Investigator for 3 SBIR Phase//Phase II projects, leading to, and, as well as

Dr. Metcalf enjoys doing yoga, anything that involves being outdoors, reading F/SF, and drinking black tea. Most of all, she enjoys spending time with her family, which includes 3 amazing and confusing children, and cleaning up the messes they leave behind.

Business Innovation
Adult Learning

Meet our team.


Quantifying health risks – a dream app

Quantifying health risks – a dream app

We’re about to see the value of putting numbers on things as soon as calories come to restaurants. Will people change their buying behavior when they see that that Oreo Twisted Frosty is not only $3.79 but 450 Calories too? Labels have already changed other food-based decisions, so my money is on the value of restaurant food labels.(…)

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