Research @ CTI

Clinical Tools is a health IT factory generating exciting solutions to aid improve health care. We focus on improving outcomes via innovative education and training technologies and by empowering patients.

Clinical Encounter: Alcohol
2D Clinical Simulation

A challenging branched-path educational game for medical and other health professional students on the evaluation of alcohol use and appropriate interventions.

Funded by Grants R43AA020456 and R44AA020456

Patient-Centered Coordinated Treatment of Opioid Addiction

An online tool that advances patient-centered coordinated treatment of opioid addiction and improves the effectiveness of buprenophine treatment. Located at

Funded by Grant R44DA034404

Clinical Encounter: Case Building Engine
For Medical Educators

A tool for for medical educators to build web/tablet applications that provide scenario-based clinical training experience for health professions students

Funded by Grant R44TR000576

Clinical Encounter: Obesity
2D Serious Game-based Skills Development

An educational game and clinical challenge on evaluation of obesity and appropriate interventions targeting health professional students.

Funded by Grant R44DK108608

Clinical Encounter: Pain
3D Clinical Simulation

A first-person, clinical training experience for health care professionals on the evaluation and treatment of common pain conditions. The focus is on limited, safe, appropriate opioid prescribing.

Funded by Grant R44DA035042

Take Control Game: Addiction
Kinect Game

A virtual reality video game to assist patient in addiction treatment. Available for Kinect® on Windows PCs and being ported to Xbox One.

Funded by Contracts HHSN271201200007C and N44DA-13-4415

Future Explorations

VR Brain Exploration
Oculus-based Neuroanatomy Training via 3D Brain Model

We are pursuing funding seeking project partners and consultant to create a novel solution for neuroanatomy training that uses Oculus 3D Virtual Reality googles to teach brain structures and pathways.

In development

VR Cue Exposure: A Research Tool
Cue Refusal Experience

A VR experience to assist patients with assessing their level of response to cues.

Also includes a supporting Android app.

In development